Monday, January 4, 2010

Do a Good Turn - Days 2-4

Whoops. Can you tell I'm not used to posting every day?

So. Backtracking a little -
JAN 2 EVENT - Invite a friend to the movie.

On Saturday I made an effort to be more thoughtful than usual by inviting a friend I don't see very often anymore to go to the movie. (BTW, The Blind Side is a great movie.) She didn't end up going, but she was grateful that I asked.

TIME - About a 10 minute phone call

EFFORT - Almost none

COST - none

WOULD I DO IT AGAIN? - Yes, and I definitely need to.

JAN 3 EVENT - Niceness at church

What easier place to be nice than at church. I have been a part of the same congregation for many years. One of the great things about it is how often it changes. As new people join us it can be very easy to get in the rut of using the limited amount of time available for visiting at church to talk to people I know and love, but usually only get to see at church. So this Sunday I intentionally looked for someone I didn't know and not only introduced myself, but sat with her during Sunday school and our womwne's meeting.

It turned out she is from England and is the friend of a woman I love dearly. That woman has a responsibility to teach a children's class and so wasn't available to sit with her visitor. How grateful I am that I could be there to keep her friend company. I accidentally ended up doing something nice for two people instead of one.

TIME - About 2 hours, but I was at church anyway. Fifteen to twenty minutes was actual time I spent talking to her.

COST - None

EFFORT - Just what it took for me to look around, notice someone new, and not be afraid to talk to a stranger.

WOULD I DO IT AGAIN? - Yes, I certainly need to do this more often.

JAN 4 EVENT - Medical staff appreciation
Today I found myself driving home from work having had no interaction with strangers to whom I could be of service. My chiropractor and his receptionist were the only people I would be seeing before I went home for the night. By default they got elected to be the recipients of my good turn. On my way to their office I went slightly out of my way to stop at Starbucks to buy two vanilla steamers.

They were surprised and appreciative when I gave them to them and thanked them for bring open late enough for me to be able to get off work at 5:00, drive

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