Monday, January 25, 2010

Do a Good Turn - Day 24

EVENT - Compliment day

Yesssss! Things went much better, thank you. I was able to deliver Day 23's flowers and share a meaningful, wordless hug with a young mother showing great grace in trying times.

Here's your tip for the day - Actually saying the nice things you often only think about people makes them quite happy. Just so you know.

It was fun causing smiles. I also got a nice payoff. I told another young mom (not the same one mentioned above) how much I appreciate her gift for being so authentically herself when it can be so easy, especially at her age, to try to squeeze yourself into some mold of what you think you should be or do. She truly is a breath of fresh air. When I told her this, I got to hear a brief version of how she came to possess this great quality. It was an inspiring story that I likely never would have heard had I not taken the time to give her that compliment.

Oh, here's another bonus tip for you - Positive energy breeds positive energy. No kidding.

COST - Absolutely free
EFFORT - None really
TIME - I'm not sure. I didn't time how long I talked to people.

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