Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Do a Good Turn Day 5

Sorry to have left you mid-sentence on the day 2-4 post. I hit the wrong thing and posted instead of finishing my saved draft.

So, a quick recap and finish of day 4. I thanked my chiropractor and his staff for being open late enough for me to get off work at 5:00, drive the 40 minutes or so it takes to get to their office and still have time for an appointment. They were surprised and appreciative of my little gift, and neither of them had ever tasted a vanilla steamer from Starbucks, so they got to have a new experience, too. Yum, yum.

TIME - 5 extra minutes to drive through at Starbucks
EFFORT - Not much. I, yanno, had to sit in my car for a few extra minutes and deal with a tiny bit more traffic getting in and out of the shopping center. Whew, tough stuff.
COST - Less than $5.00 for two drinks

JAN 5 - Day 5

This morning I had the pleasure of working out next to an older woman who was studying her Bible and taking notes as she walked on the treadmill. When I was done with my workout I turned off my iPod and commented to her that it was nice to see someone reading their scriptures.

What followed was a lovely conversation about the value we both placed on such an activity and a moment of shared faith between two strangers of differing beliefs. (Though we are both Christians, I could see from the title on her Bible that we belong to different churches.) It was very cool.

COST -Zippo, unless you consider having to take a faster shower than usual as a cost, which I don't.
EFFORT - A little, I tend to be more reserved about talking to nice strangers than I ought to be.
TIME - 5-10 minutes
WOULD I DO IT AGAIN? - Are you kidding? I already chastise myself for not making this kind of effort often enough. Most people really are nice, you know?

Other cool things - I recently read an article about two guys who attend Purdue and spend an hour or two once a week standing outside one of the campus buildings complimenting every person who walks by. They just want to brighten people's day in what are tough times for many. Their mother's must be very proud of their sons' thoughtfulness.


Erinn said...

YAY!!! Nice work. I like the format your using too, it makes it easier if you do a recap at the end of the month.

Keep up the good work!

TKAstle said...

Thanks, Erinn, for tyhe nice comment and the inspiration. i hope you don't mind that I totally ripped off your idea. It's such a good one.