Monday, August 8, 2011

A Little Bubbly, Anyone?

Registration started at our high school today. As I stood in line with my youngest child waiting to register her for her senior year, it was easy to see and feel the different emotions of the teens and parents around us.

For some the start of a new school year is a dreaded thing; they'd rather be doing almost anything else. Some are completely indifferent; school just is what it is. Then there are those who look forward to it; a certain kind of excitement lights their eyes (whether they mean for it to or not).

So, what causes the difference?

I believe one of the main things is hope.

When a student holds hope for something good - being with their friends, better classes/teachers than last year, a fresh start, grades good enough to win scholarships, playing a favorite sport, landing the lead in the school play - anything good, it infuses them with the ability and desire to look forward, to keep moving on. It adds effervescence to what otherwise could be tedious or tiresome.

Hope is a promise, like a little (or large) spark that lights something deep inside us and keeps us going. It's like the bubbles in our soda or champagne. Without the bubbles we'd still have something to drink, but with them it's oh so much better.

Cheers to the bubbly that is hope!