Monday, August 1, 2011

Hello, Again, Hello.

First of all - 500 bonus points to anyone who can name the song and the artist I ripped off the title of this post from. (Yes, I know it should be "...from whom I ripped off...,"  but that just sounds too proper for this venue.)

I'm sure you'll be just thrilled to know I figured out why I've been such a flaky blogger. Here's my problem - I put too much pressure on myself to have posts that are big and important and valuable. Not that there's anything wrong with posts like that, but I just couldn't come up with that every day, you know?

Then I had a light bulb moment. I realized that many of the blogs I like to follow have short, simple, fun posts most of the time. There's importance and value in those, too. (Okay, so maybe I'm a little slow sometimes. I'm sure most of you have already figured this out.)

So, this is me recommitting myself to blogging. I think I have discovered a more workable approach to this. You can count on regular posts - I'm aiming for M-F. They may be as simple as a Quote of the Day, or as dynamic as a Life Altering Moment of Enlightenment. (Yes, I know I think big.)

Be watching for a new design soon, too. I swear I'm finally going to learn how to post pics and links if it's the last thing I do!

Quote of the Day: If we played like that every week, we wouldn't be so                                 inconsistent.                                         Bryan Robson

Ya think?


Kristin Baker Przybyla said...

Is the song from The Cars? :D

Marsha Ward said...

Neal Diamond, but I can't recall the name of the song, and alas, I can't find my huge album of his works so I can check it. How does one lose a double CD, anyway?