Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hellllloooo 2011!

So, so, so. Happy New Year, ya'll! I hope you can feel the positive energy humming around you. I can.

Seeing as the name of the blog is So Many Dreams, I figured it would be appropos to mention which dreams of mine are in the crosshairs at the moment. Here's what my little heart will be set upon for 2011 (or longer or shorter than that, as needed.)

1) Query, query, query my manuscript until a)I sign with a good agent or editor, or b)every single person whom I would reasonably consider to represent me and my work has been asked and said 'no,' at which point I would regroup and explore other options.

2) Write a rough draft of and begin editing my next book.

3) Figure out some way under the sun to get financing to progress toward my elusive degree. (And then progress toward it, of course.)

I will also be a more frequent blog poster, although I'm not stating that in an official I'm-putting-this-out-into-the-universe kind of way. I'm just saying I'm gonna be a good girl and do it.

Soooo...What about you? Care to share where your 2011 is going to take you if you have your way?

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Kristin Baker said...

My writing goals are pretty much the same as yours for this year: query the heck out of everyone on my list. Next is to check out small publishers, which I think isn't too bad of a last option.

Personal resolutions include the always-present "eat better and lose weight," and to make time to have lunch or dinner with a friend at least once a payday. Once a week would be ideal. I was having so little "grown-up" time without kids that I was getting depressed. I spent just an hour with a friend today having hot chocolate, and it felt great!