Sunday, November 7, 2010

Writer's Conference Part 2 - Wherein Tracy learns something about Kristin she maybe didn't want to know

In that whole last post we only got as far as the check in for the reception, but fear not. I promise I'm not going to give a second by second recounting of the whole conference (hereafter called SCBWI. I know. It's a mouthful. It stands for Society of Children's Book Writer's and Illustrators. So you see, they really couldn't shorten it and maintain it specificity.)

Aaanyway, moving on.

When I entered the very chatty, energized room the first order of business was to find Kristin. That was easy since she was sitting by the cookie table just like she said, and she was dressed distinctively. See, Kristin loves her steampunk (think sort of old England) and pirates and dresses accordingly. If you want to see what I'm talking about you can go check out some of her pics on her blog So. Hugs, intros and chit chat with Kristin.

Before we were quite finished with that the organizers were getting everybody's attention to introduce the staff. When this began, and before all the staff had gathered up front, I ended up standing next to Tracey Adams, an agent and owner of Adams Literary Agency. She was definitely on my list of people to meet. However, before I, a lowly, unpublished, wannbe author, could approach her, an esteemed literary professional, (I hope you realize I'm kidding here. While there are certainly positions that deserve respect, people are people no matter what their station in life and therefore deserve to treated with respect, too. In otherwords, while I respect her position as an agent, I don't think she's better than me because of that.) she made contact with me.

Again, can I say friendly? (See the last post.)

While we were all clapping for something one of the organizers had just said Tracey smiled over at me and glanced down at my name tag. Her face brightened, she smiled even bigger and pointed back and forth between my name tag and hers. So nice, these people. She then took her place up front to be introduced with the rest of the staff.

With that taken care of Kristin and I proceeded around the room, looking at the books they had for sale, checking our the table of items to be raffled, working ourselves up for introducing ourselves to these nice strangers, and scoping out the refreshments. That's when we ran into a little...situation, shall we say?

You know the saying "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?" Well, we weren't in Vegas, Kristin, so I'm telling on you. (Actuallly, I have her permission, so don't worry.)

You need to know that Kristin and I are both wives and mothers who, for religious reasons, don't smoke or drink. Because of that I guess both of us are a bit happily naive about liquor. As we were scoping out the refreshments we saw these adorable tiny chocolate cups filled with chocolate liquid.

Who is the genius who thought up this wonderful idea? Chocolate cups? The imagination runs wild with what delights one could fill a chocolate cup - and then eat the cup when you're done with its contents! Brilliance, I tell you.

You can see what's coming here, can't you? Yep. Kristin took one of those adorable little treats. Who could resist? It turns out that what we thought was melted chocolate in those little cups was actually chocolate liqueur or something. Whatever it was, it contained alcohol. To make it worse, if I remember correctly, she even spilled a little on herself. Of course I had to threaten to tell her family and her bishop or I'm sure she would have just kept going back for more. ; )

I had certainly expected lots of different experiences that weekend, but hanging out with a drunk? Not what I saw coming.

Love you, Kristin.

I'm sure she's repented by now. : )

(I suppose I should mention that even though the cup held only a fraction of an ounce, she didn't drink but about a drop of it.)

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Kristin Baker said...

BWAA!! Very well written, Tracy. This brings back such wonderful memories, although I'm not sure how much of that night I'm remembering correctly, what with how drunk I got. ;) In all seriousness, I didn't even get tipsy, although I did get a stomachache (probably due more to the fact that I hadn't eaten dinner and was running only on cookies), and I felt like my breath reeked of alcohol, so I had to cram a brownie into my mouth to get rid of the taste--thus compounding the stomachache!

Anyway, thank you for a post that had both me and my husband roaring with laughter. I still feel a bit cheated with those chocolate cups, though. I was really looking forward to something fudgy in an edible cup! And I'll repent after confessing that for a split second I considered eating the cup after pouring out the liqueur, but of course I tossed the cup too. I may dress like a pirate but I'm still a good little Mormon girl. ;)